What Is Credit Monitoring?

Benefits of Monitoring Your Credit

Credit Monitoring ensures your credit file remains accurate and safe from data breaches, hacking, and identity theft. Outside of it affecting your ability to qualify for loans and credit, there are several other reasons you’ll want to keep tabs on your credit. Here are a few:

It’s Cheap and Doesn’t Affect Your Credit – Taking an active role in monitoring your credit is free and easy, giving you little reason not to do it. And, despite what you may have heard, checking your own reports doesn’t hurt your credit score.

You Will Better Understand Your Credit – When you understand the information in your credit reports, you can gain a better idea of how it works. With that understanding, you’ll be better at coming up with ways to improve your credit management skills.

Find, Fix, or Dispute Errors – This is the most important thing as it directly impacts your score the most. It’s smart to monitor your credit reports regularly so you can look for errors or inaccurate information. You’re allowed to dispute incorrect information on your credit reports, and the credit bureaus are quick to investigate. They’ll delete or correct the errors, allowing your reports to truly represent your credit history.

Identify Potential Credit Fraud – You can also look for signs of fraud or identity theft. While looking at your credit reports, look for accounts you don’t recognize, or information that doesn’t belong to you. Take action immediately if you spot any red flags. Keep in mind that a credit monitoring is able to quickly identify suspicious or malicious activity.

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